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Located in the lobby, the Mysteries of the Sea Aquarium is your window to marine life.

The Mysteries of the sea exhibit showcases coral reefs and exotic sea life in our eleven oversized aquarium fish tanks. Some of this gallery's highlights include beautifully-color full tropical fishes, Sharks, and Eels. As you stroll through The exhibit, be sure to take a close look into every tank - our masters of camouflage live here! You will not only find stunning fish in technicolor hues, but you will also be witnessing the incredible adaptations that help them survive. From bloated pufferfish, the Mysteries of the Sea, is home to all different types of aquatic animals. These delicate species are from all over the world, and there is still much waiting to be discovered!

Did You Know?

  • The Mysteries of the Sea features ten salt water, one fresh water and 2 ponds exhibits totaling more than 13,284 liters or water!
  • Pufferfishes have their own personal dentist! That trims their teeth down!
Green carpet anemone
Tessellate moray eel
Atlantic Stingray
Foxface fish
Lion Fish
Heniochus butterfly
Undulatus triggerfish
Spiny lobster
Nurse shark
Epaulette shark


  • Is the aquarium exhibit open to the public?

    The Mysteries of the Sea aquarium exhibit is open to both the general public and hotel guest.



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