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Fort Lauderdale Beach

Whether you're coming for a cruise, or you're here for a trip with the family, we've got you covered. Come for the sunshine, stay for the beaches, and sleep under our roof for the best in hospitality you can find in Fort Lauderdale!
Only 6 miles from the Tryp Maritime Hotel, this Gorgeous 24-mile span of golden beaches awaits you. Hotels, restaurants, shopping destinations and attractions are open and ready to welcome you. There is always something going on at the beach. Whether it be a concert like Audacy Beach Festival or Tortuga Beach Festival or a weekend craft fair, there is something for everyone!
Grab a drink or a bite, rent a electric bike or a boat, just enjoy the beautiful palm tree lined boardwalk and take in the sites!

Fun Facts about the Fort Lauderdale Beach:

  • Fort Lauderdale Beach is Blue Wave Certified. That means these beaches pass strict environmental standards for cleanliness and sustainability.
  • We hope you're not into conspiracy theories or easily put off by stories of the paranormal, because we're actually considered the far western tip of the Bermuda Triangle.
  • We're the home to the original Spring Break! Yes, droves of college students and fun-seekers flock to our beaches every spring. While Spring Break is now a national phenomenon, we got dibs on being the original hotspot back in the 1960s. (We're much tamer now, though, we promise!)
  • We once had snow…once. Yep, January 19, 1977 is the day that went down in history as the one time we witnessed snow.
  • Our nickname is The Venice of America, thanks to our vast network of canals in the area. We have over 300 miles of canals and channels, which is called the Intercoastal Waterway.
  • Before we were known as "Fort Lauderdale", we were first called "Little River Settlement."
  • We're home to many famous people, including musician Marilyn Manson, actor Lee Majors, and supermodel Niki Taylor. You may be able to spot some celebs hanging around at random times, too, as we're a popular spot for filming movies. (Happy Gilmore, True Lies, and Caddyshack were all filmed in our neighborhood!)

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