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04 - Apr
(Nearby Event: Family)
Where:Quiet Waters Park, 401 S. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, Florida, United States
The Lights Water Lantern Fest - Fort Lauderdale

What happens when you combine thousands of families, friends and foodies, with live music, dancing, and the floating of water lanterns? Welcome to The Lights Water Fest! The Lights Water Fest is an experience where thousands of friends and families gather to listen to live music, fill up on great food and light up life by sharing personal wishes, dreams and goals. At the perfect moment, everyone will gather at the banks of water and send their led candle lantern into the blue lagoon of hope. It creates a surreal ambiance, where time slows down as your single lantern floats with thousands of others. Come float with us and see what lights you.
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